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Become A Kick-Ass Racial Justice Advocate

Join Nekima Levy-Pounds, award-winning attorney, civil rights activist, and former law professor, for this powerful Master Class to learn how to become a fierce advocate for racial and social justice and to use your voice and privilege to effect change.

Day after day, we witness stories of people of color experiencing discrimination and having the police called on them in places like Starbucks, the Waffle House, college campuses, and department stores. Too often, white people are able to use their privilege to perpetuate racial fears and white supremacy upon people of color, which could lead to life or death situations, incarceration, and a loss of livelihood, to name a few.

 In this class, Nekima will equip you with the tools to recognize racism in your life and within systems, and how to actively and strategically work to challenge and dismantle it. This Master Class is for those who are serious and ready to take action.


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