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Black Pearl prides itself in providing, informative and cutting edge workshops, customized to meet your needs. 

Workshop topics include racial justice, equity, building social capital, social justice, criminal justice, educational disparities, and political issues, to name a few. Our workshops are offered to businesses, government agencies, academic institutions, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and small groups. 

With a variety of training and workshop options, we have solutions to increase visibility, optimize staff productivity, and to fuel your organization's bottom line.  From team-building workshops, policy and procedure development, streamlining processes and nearly every management subject, Black Pearl has you covered!

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Individualized and Group Training for Leadership & Management

Our consultants partner with you and your team to learn what your big picture goals are and begin to develop a road map towards that end.

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Creating a More Culturally Inclusive Workplace Environment

Our team will review your current policies and procedures around cultural competency and how it's being implemented at every level of business.

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Increasing Competency in Working With Diverse Populations

Our team of consultants and analyst will help to strengthen your organization's ability to serve diverse populations more effectively.  

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Working More Effectively with Clients in Crisis

Many organization have found that more people struggle with mental illness, chemical dependency, poverty, and physical health issues that can make it challenging to serve clients effectively.  Our team will equip you and your organization with the knowledge and tools necessary to address these very serious, yet sometimes invisible barriers.

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School-Based Programing

Our team works with educators in every area to strengthen their ability to better serve our youth. 

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Below are some examples of workshops that we are able to provide on or off site. Feel free to review them. We will also tailor workshops specifically for your organization's needs. 

Processing Post-Election Results: Where do we go from here?

This dynamic workshop will provide motivational tools, information, and ideas to help you thrive during the next four years under Trump. We will discuss issues such as combating racism, using white privilege in the fight for justice, advocacy, hope and healing, and steps for moving forward.

Race and The Criminal Justice System

Many of you may have watched and/or heard of the Netflix documentary entitled "13th."  This workshop delves deeper into the issues of how our current criminal justice system is designed to capitalize on the criminalization, marginalization, and oppression of people of color and others in poverty.

Economic Justice for all

Far too often, people of color have been systematically denied access to economic resources and opportunities to advance. In this workshop, we discuss some of the ways in which this happens and more importantly, he role of advocacy in addressing these issues. 

From the Civil Rights Movement to The Black Lives Matter Movement

In this workshop, facilitators will walk participants through the history of the fight for civil rights, justice, and equality.  Participants will gain valuable knowledge of why Black Lives Matter and similar movements are necessary in 2017 and beyond.    

White Privilege & Institutional Racism

During many of the demonstrations and marches we have participated in and led, we have sometimes chanted, "White Silence is Violence."  With this chant we are shedding light on the fact that the white majority are often taught to be silent and complicit with systems of injustice. Participants will learn and understand how to use their privilege in the fight for justice and equality. 

From Silence, to Awakening, to Action

For too long,the masses have been silent on the issue of race, justice, human rights, and equality. For some, it's because they were led to believe that the fight was over and America  was in a better place than we were in the past. Social media exposure of police shootings of unarmed African Americans, the results of the most recent presidential election, and ongoing issues of racial inequality has  awakened many to the stark reality that racism still exists. This workshop will give participants tools that will assist them in taking action to combat racial injustice.